Dreams & Attitude, Self, Toward others, Against learning, Against the hard work

Desain Grafis dan Percetakan
Seven steps to success is the main road that you must go through to get to your success, because if you do not follow this system you will lose their way in this business and you carry the network will also lose their way, if you notice a lot of work and obtain benefits abundance of business, it is because the system is remarkable, as well as the seven steps of success is a proven system from the experience of the leaders who have succeeded in this business. Therefore, do not none of you live or even your "discount" in seven steps lead to this success. Mr Randu, Mr Andhika as well as other leaders who had already been successful in this business continues to remain a successful run of seven steps, as well as you are no longer a candidate for the next successful people.

1.   Dreams & Attitude

How much success in this business is determined by how big our dreams and 95% attitude about this business. Why?

No there is no boss in this business.

You are the Business Owner in your own network. Leader / sponsor you are only a first jump in this business. So you're the one who determines how much effort and how quickly you will want to grow your business.

Capital is very small so the risk is very small.

Everything is great in this world comes from dreams and our attitude.

Take a moment to reflect and write down at least 10 things you want to do and you get if you succeed in this business. The form must be WRITTEN & TERVISUALISASI, not only in the mind only. After that, paste in place that you often see, like next to your bed, desk, or a folder or agenda college / work. You will be amazed by the power of the dream that you write is later.

Determine how much income you will achieve, Make a target, when Rp.500.000, - per week, when 1 million per week, when 5 million per week and then TAKE ACTION!

Read the book "Think & high-minded" by David J. Schwartz.

Have a Positive Attitude

1. Self
Man is the product of his mind. If you think you are an ordinary person, then you will become an ordinary person. But if you think you are successful people, then you will become successful. Since we will think and do things that people do succeed.

2. Toward others

 Everyone should we value & senyumi. Gathering brings livelihood & Smile is worship.

3. Against learning
There is no Superman in this world, meaning that no human being are born directly into the Extraordinary. God is fair, people are willing to learn & who want kerjakeraslah that will be successful. More importantly where, males come of the meeting, lazy to read books, lazy to hear tapes, or YOUR DREAM?

4. Against the hard work

The success is determined 10% luck / talent + 90% hard work!

5. To the problems & failures
In there's any problem. Problems created for humans to progress and develop. Every time we get a problem and we break, we will become more mature. So be thankful if there is a problem. To succeed is difficult, but it's even harder if we do not succeed! No one fails there is only one who quit before success!

"I never fail. 2000 times the light is not on the process for creating a light on! "
-Thomas Edison-

(Imagine if he stopped dipercobaan to 1999, it was the same as when you quit this business when the percentage declined. Thomas Edison alpha will not get a lamp that lights up and you will not get YOUR DREAM!)

2. Make a List of Names & prospecting
Your Business is Business People initial strength of your business is a relation or reference.


1. Do not be picky
In making the roster do not think "it seems he can not / do not want to go through this business." Do not be a shaman / astrologer! Those entitled to decide he wants to or not want to run this business is her own, not us!

Think "If you are successful, about who you want to?" Meaning all people you know you must write. Everyone is entitled to succeed!

2. Written

In making a list of names, you are obliged to write it.
Large companies have a list of names of employees & clients. Conversely, if small firms do not. It's up to you want to have a business big or small.

3. Duplicate
Many members who quit because no longer is a presentation on its network. This average was not due to lazy member presentations but members ran out of people to dipresentasi. Imagine you are writing 40 prospects in your roster, and 40 prospects you are writing 40 names again, and so on.

Generation I: 40 names

Generation II: 1600 name

Generation III: 64 000 names


When we exhausted the list of names, or contacts us our new place does not exist. The solution is prospecting!

Prospecting steps:

1. In prospecting, our mindset is beginning to add friends, do not mention the business problem (Build Trust) first. Open the conversation with not a lot of talk but more often ask & listen to "FORM" (Family, Occupation, Recreation, & Message) maximum of 5 minutes!

2. To get into the business can be opened with a question, eg:
  • Would like to subscribe to cheap credit? Or even a toll-free if you want to run the system.
  • In addition to lectures, is there any desire to live independently? (For students)
  • In addition to work like money does not add a kitchen? (For workers)
  • Are you interested in entrepreneurship is not? (For unemployment)
 3. If they answer interested, directly go to step successfully invited.

If they say no, do not directly do business. Make friends only. One time, there was a time of change or when to meet you & you have to drive your personal BMW, he's definitely interested. Always a spirit, that's the key!

Never force the will to your prospects, but their ways of thinking & open invite to attend a meeting of DBS. If still not successful?

SOLUTIONS is prospecting!

So the "WIN-WIN SOLUTION", if not to the prospect, at least you can NEW FRIEND!

Good tips in prospecting is read the book THINK & high-minded, frequently prospecting!


3. Invite
Inviting is make an appointment to present their business concept DBS.

The purpose of inviting is on time and place fixed for the presentation.

Can invite by phone, sms, or when face to face, when invited by telephone specify the first time the prospect is empty.

Principles invite:

1. Learn what joy or a candidate favored by invitation (find Hot Button).

It can be known by the question, for example:

a. Would you like to subscribe to cheap credit? Or even a toll-free if you want to run the system.

b. In addition to lectures there any desire to live independently? (For students)

c. Besides work, not wish to add money kitchen? (For workers)

d. Interested in entrepreneurship is not? (For unemployment)

e. Etc..

2. invite not explain because it will be explained in detail in the presentation. Do not tell me the capital, results and your business concept. Tell limited to the company profile that we will get the cooperation (PT Duta Future International is a legal entity and has SIUP, TIN, SK Ministry of Justice & Human Rights), Products (pulse HP cheap, simple transactions, quickly & 24-hour non- stop), or Facility Rates purchase motorcycles (Honda, Suzuki & Yamaha) & Discount Cards in more than 5000 reputable merchants (more details, check the web).

3. Create a curious prospect of information would you give meaning to invite quite brief.

Do not get hooked on the question of who would you invite. Every time people ask, answer: Sorry, I do not know the details, for more details we meet co-wrote the same / mentor me (Leader).

4. Ask for a commitment to its presence, for example before the presentation ceremony at the start, you should confirm first. We were scared of the prospect was not able. Though Leader had far-distant future.

Examples of topics are invited:

Learn how to do business with successful entrepreneurs (with Leader)

Bids get discounts Yamaha, Suzuki & Honda

Bids obtain cheap credit for life.

Bid to get discounts at> 5000 merchants

Bids commercial cooperation

Opportunity to change the fate of

Please help a new business analysis / business talk

Request for assistance to develop business


Three initial steps here (DREAM & ATTITUDE, LIST NAME and invite) who really should be mastered for the early stages you join in this business, and we can be sure you'll have a great business in your targeted time.

Some interesting examples of how to invite, can by telephone, sms, or when face to face.

for example, "... uh you want to unsubscribe ga cheap credit? imagine the price difference was far adrift really two thousand to three thousand dollars in comparison with those in the market! trus kalo pengen can fortunately you can buy-sell it to your friends ... "o yes then how to do? "Nah ... if it is my friend who knows, he's a child (for example, itb, Padjadjaran University, or coworkers, etc.), chance tomorrow afternoon (or specify a time when) he will come here, you come aja ok ..." or even toll-free can be a lifetime you know if you want to run the system! "

For close friends:

Do not ever lie, still have to notify if they want there share of a business / job.

For example, say, You and your friends work together to open the business of mobile counter pulse, and plans to open branches in the environment outlook (our speaker).

income offered by large, short and flexible working time can even Take Home.

But it takes only a few people.

Because you are my close friends, then I invite you.

Rather than later filled the position of others. Unfortunately really.

We'll just calm it works together, so can help each other.

Set time for meeting up with the Leader and Edifikasi Leader.

If accompanied Leader:

Bro, already interested wanted to live independently yet? Or have their own income? Or Bantu parents?

(If the answer is, continue)

Tomorrow at ... ... there was a program ga?

(If the answer is no event, shoot another alternative time, see you when empty.)

(If the answer is no event, proceed)

Wow, really lucky, I have a friend while still a student was able to live independently, even has its own income and effort. Incidentally he really want to play tomorrow kekosku segitu hours.

I want to learn from him, imagine though still has its own income students can even send money to parents again (edifikasi Leader We sincerely), wanted such ga?

(If answered would like)

Fine klo temenin so tomorrow I'm well made learning from him. He's amazing really, a successful but very friendly.

(When the prospect asked: "emang him what his business?" Not to know that tomorrow we learn important than he wrote, when else can learn from people like him. Let us also be a student whose income is also like him.

Make sure that the invite this is something very fun job for you.

You do as he relaxed with no tension at all and make your business a big success for you.

4. Presentations & Clossing

The presentation is to provide information about business opportunities that have not been 100% DBS your prospects understand the system, in brief, dense, enthusiasm / passion, honesty and prospects should be understood.

Presentation same as when you are prompted story something.

When presentations are advised to wear a neat and clean. Why? Because people see this business of your own attitude & appearance. (Build Trust)

Goals of the presentation there are 3, namely:

1. Make us enthusiastic about the prospects for the future in the event of BOS,

2. Fix time and place for the Follow Up next, recommended max 2 x 24h,

3. It would be better if after the presentation directly invited to the cafe to see proof of ID DBS of the Leader who has been successful at DBS & Photographs of the Leader on site "www.Duta4future.com"

Your presentation is said to succeed if one of the three goals are achieved, it is expected that another 3 are achieved all the goals. And presentations can be said to fail if none of the 3 goals are achieved.

You must be a presentation, at least be able to explain the concept of business as a one on one. Do not get too hung to the sponsor / leader you are, but for the early stages you may request help your Leader for presentation.

Secrets of a presenter who is good and reliable is often a presentation, because the quantity determines the quality.

Influence of the number of presentations to our business are:

If your presentation 8x/bulan your business will survive.

(Fixed income)

If your presentation 15x/bulan, your business will flourish.

(Income rose linear)

If your presentation 30x/bulan, no one cans stop you!

(Income grew exponentially)

Kinds of presentations held in the form:

Prospect (one on one)

Group (Home meetings)

Presentation akbar (Bussiness Opportunity Seminar)

Nb. Do not do a presentation at the event which is not effective, such as: lectures, social gathering, exhibition, study, office meetings, birthdays, etc..

Step-by-step presentation:

1. (2.5 minutes) to meet, a short preamble (FORM) and build trust (ex. Best: Tell us run this business to help parents / family)

2. (2.5 minutes) looking for hot buttons (what she wants) in a way, asking and listening, for example if you wanted to have extra income / independent living / support parents / families to help financially? etc.. If you've met, said: well you can get it here.

3. (10 minutes) presented the company profile, products, facilities acquired when joining, the commission enough 3 commissions are told: "the commission sponsors, partners & point", then the worst predictions 1tahun run this business. Each finished explaining a commission, explain the calculations that the company's big profit. If you do not use the calculations the average prospect even scared & do not believe that it will not join.

4. Each completed a session in a presentation, always say: "for more details come to the event BOS, REALnya evidence is there" and always hot-button hot-Heat up the prospect.

5. You always Edifikasi Leader & BOS (Business Opportunity Seminar)

5. Follow Up (Follow Up)

Follow up is following up potential partners you are already dipresentasi.

Follow-up goal is to find out how much interest your potential partner as well as teach the system to the prospects or your business partner.

Get the certainty of our prospects to join or not, when follow-ups.

Follow-up is: You are asking the appeal or potential partners in your ignorance, overcome any objections, make sure about your business prospects in the future & do not ever argue!

Follow-up is best to take to BOS!

Follow-up steps / follow-up:

1. The presentation briefly re-use potential partners in your brochure to refresh his memory.

2. Open the pattern of thought and paradigm. (General paradigm paradigm vs. successful)

3. Ask what is interesting about this business. Not business is attractive or not. Always get up dreams / dreams of your prospects.

4. Dig dreams. By the way just ask from the worst predictions of 1 year be earning 45juta. If 1 year then you earn it. What would you do? Whether it will change your life? Edifikasi Successful Leader-Leader!

(We recommend be done diwarnet, while opening the log of the Leader & View photos of the performers in www.Duta4future.com. Because people will be more confident if you look at yourself rather than just told by someone else.)

5. Overcome objections to never argue. Express your personal experience. By expressing our personal experience, it will form a common fate / experience that will make your prospects into the same boat and bad destiny that will create a sense of security hearts prospects.


In the past I also do not have money, to join the course, debt. but after taking part in this business not only I will have money, but my HP pulse will always full so I am free calls anywhere. (Edifikasi Successful Leader-Leader)

I used too busy, but I do not want busy forever, I wanted to like the pack-leader leader Randu & other DBS. Passive income above 1juta/per day.

I used to get people even more difficult, because there is no evidence of successful people. But now many (edifikasi Successful Leader-Leader.) So now much easier to sponsor people.

In the past I also do not have time to travel with the family because of financial problems that are less hold, and time runs out but now I've started to feel pretty Thank God little by little, because this business needs a process.

For me, my income was not a problem, which I think is if you join my group, then you are the incomes, that's the most important thing for me.

6. Fill out the registration form.

7. Teach the system (7 step success)! Teach on the spot to make a list of names and invite the right technique.

8. Plan well with your partner to arrange a presentation / meeting.

The most important thing after you do a follow-up than clossing is specify the time and place for the presentation of your friends your prospects, so the circle of our work is "to seek follow-up presentation and follow-up to find the presentation".

6. Good Team Player (Consultation & Edifikasi but No Crosslining)!

Good Team Player contains three basic principles in building a network that can make your business big or even make your business fall apart.

Three basic principles of Good Team Player:


Always consult your business growth to the sponsors / Leader you every week, so you get guidance from them and helped to solve the problems that happen so that your business will keep growing. Because they are concerned about your success.


Edifikasi = Build / give strength / promote / praise / respect something.

Edifikasi is a basic principle and key to your vital work as a builder of networks (Network Builder).

Edifikasikan always sponsor / LeaderAnda, your company, your business partner, cross your line, positive books and also all the meetings DBS!

Edifikasi Example: before you ask for assistance to the Leader of your presentation, tell me in advance about the advantages Leader you are (edifikasi), for example, you should talk to your prospects, my friend who will teach our future business is a great person, although he was still a student but have become entrepreneurs, who can support himself even been able to give to his parents, because he is more experienced in this business it is an honor for us all because he wanted to take the time to explain the extraordinary business is to us. The point is you are promoting your Leader.

It is intended that your prospects will listen, respect or respond to what is delivered by the Leader you because, in general 95% of people joined in the business when it was understood. And chances are they would understand because they want to listen to our leader that we have edifikasi. Feature edifikasi success that has been running so well is the presenter feel comfortable when presenting this business.

Never mengedifikasi yourself, because it will impress you proud. All people do not like arrogant people. Ask your business partner for your edifikasi. if you have nothing you mengedifikasi, edifikasilah the Leader. You can tell the results you get in this business, only if asked by your prospects. and even then too short.

Then one thing that should not be forgotten, for example when you diedifikasi by your business partner, you must edifikasi behind your business partner is. if not, all your business partners if you ask your help to continue. You will busy themselves & duplication will not run smoothly because of all your network relies on you, when you have limited time & energy. it aims for your business partner for help not only to you, so that duplication will run.

No Crosslining

Not talking about your lack of business especially in this business to people who are not in your network (business colleagues), but talk to your Leader.

If mentally you're down, do not vent to your business partners, but always consult the Leader / consultant of your business, the other hand if you are mentally on top, immediately give encouragement to your business partners.

Discuss about the constraints that occur in the field and how to overcome just to your Leader.

7. Personal Development (Using Tools)

The tools that you should use is our Systems Support, (Leader, books, cd contacts & meetings).

Develop your potential as a leader (leader), with the talent and all the potential you have.

The basic steps to become a leader:

Always pray to God Almighty, that you were given the ease in running this business.

Make at least 3 times per week continuously presentation & follow-up to do it right.

Reading the book at least 15 minutes per day from the recommended books.

1. Thinking & high-minded, David J. Swartz

2. Cashflow Quadrant, Robert T. Kiyosaki

3. Business School, Robert T. Kiyosaki

4. Skill With People, Les Giblin

Present & Promote any meeting held by DBS (BOS, LeaderMeeting, NDT and SS)

Always think positive, work group (team work), edifikasi the people around you.

Action / your work speaks louder than your words.

Having a clean heart, not jealous / envious of the success of others.

Already we know DBS is one of the shortcut to success & riches. Although these shortcuts do not we cut-cut more steps to SUCCESS is! Do all the steps from 7 Step Success! Leader-Leader, DBS has been proven. As long as we COMMITMENT minimal 1tahun, Hopefully Success already is in our hands.

Our commitment can be seen from what we've ditched the BOS!

Never excuse! Commitment, always present in the BOS for 1 year event!

OK, Good luck brothers! Be Rich and Go Freedom!

Important notes for the presenter / trainer:

1. Learn the material well you talk, because what you say will be followed by many people.

2. Choose a style that is most easily understood and systematic so easy to learn & duplicated.

3. Use the illustrations in the form of stories that support and explain what you mean.

4. The description above is only a guide. It would be better if you use the potential in the delivery and your own style with the framework of the above material.

5. Always end every conversation or a forum with the word motivation.


in fact on the ground, the process in your business is not as smooth as you expect. This was due to some doubts about the network marketing business (Network Marketing). Some people fail in network marketing business, they blame the system, the company, Leader, etc.. In reality, they did not choose and run their business the right way.


I do not have money!

Answer: In the past I also do not have money, to join the debt. but after taking part in this business not only I will have money, but my HP pulse will always full so I am free tel everywhere. (Edifikasi Successful Leader-Leader)

If the company went bankrupt who is responsible?

Answer: The company had a profit & DBS will never lose because the company uses a system of profit-sharing in mudhorobah in the division of profits (show how the company's operational costs will always be covered by the index mudhorobah). The company also has a valid legal entity.

People of different talents, I do not have the talent to be sales.

Answer: No need a special talent because it works only invited, do not sell anything and do not become sales. Later after coming in place, there presenternya own, follow up and closing together. In this business we are not as sales, but only as commercials, we'll be continuous star paid advertising.

Afraid can not help a person under to get revenue.

Answer: Your business partner will be highly dependent of their own. They want to invite or not it means they want to cooperate with the group or not. Group will help one side, not both. All businesses must contain the risk, if you do not want to risk it not have a business, but of course the money will never grow.

Can not make network!

Answer: Create a network are not alone, but together, who recently joined his duty to invite, Leaderpresentasi then follow up and closing together.

No time / busy!

Answer: Want busy so forth? We certainly could spare a few hours a week to be able to reach what we dream dream so far. Because each person is given the same time by God ie 24 hours a day, would be used for things that are useful for our future or not is up to us.

Not interested, still think about it or will be studied first!

Answer: This person is a sign not convinced and have strived to know the doubts / objections. Ask him: "still thinking-thinking how?" Catch hold every answer until he could no longer find a reason to not run it or until the reason can be understood (onion peel techniques). Need motivation again: someone else has stepped far forward while you're not going anywhere because they still continue to think about it ..

Business network has a bad image!

Answer: It can be explained that the network business of many kinds. We recommend that you first heard about what imagenya bad. New described the actual condition. At least most in question is money games (like: Pomas & other investment business) or MLM (we are not MLM, because we do not have level / rank, without a cap point, without pursuing the target. Typically in MLM, earnings will be forfeited if the ratings disalip business partner, do not close the points and not achieved the target catch. So that is very burdensome member, the average product also expensive and not very necessary).

What if everyone had joined in DBS?

Answer: This is the question most often asked by ordinary people and sometimes a lot of trouble to answer.

Statistically, it is not possible that a growing number of Network Marketing distributors from all companies there, still far below the rate of population growth.

If everyone had joined in DBS, how the fate of the last person?

Answer: As an answer to the previous question that it will not happen, but if it happens, the last people will not feel loss because they can subscribe to a lifetime cheap credit. And recording can enjoy attractive facilities provided by DBS.

If everyone had joined in DBS, whether the company will lose money and go bankrupt?

Answer: If all people have joined with DBS, DBS it will become even greater. Today, with around 300,000 members a member, DBS has a turnover of approximately USD credit transaction. 30 billion per month. If someday DBS has about 200juta member, then the predicted DBS will have a toll transaction turnover reached USD. 20 trillion per month. Is a company with a turnover reaches 20 trillion a month will go bankrupt? Obviously not.

The money would I use for business capital!

Answer: Currently Rp.200.000 money that would be used for any business? Only DBS system that could provide an opportunity to get great results from a small capital.



Containers for conducting business presentations DBS at home or place of meeting. Proverbial like a stall / outlet or place of our business. Home meetings should also be a DBS-Node / dealer e-card.


Mass duplication customer or group & get tissue in significant amounts.


DBS-Team All groups who already have rights in the DBS business. Expected to be a presentation, if not yet be willing to learn & work together with others.


At home people who already have the right DBS Business.

The location of his home should be in central of the group members so that they can be reached easily.

Home address easy to find.

Having ample room to accommodate at least 10 people and does not interfere with other activities.

The room was not stuffy.

Using a seat, chair or Lesbian (carpet / mat)


Should be routine, at least 1 x per week.

Must be on time so do not bother homeowners.

We recommend that you take advantage of day where you and your colleagues are not busy.


1. Home Meeting once formed should not ever be closed / disbanded.

2. Try to have made a commitment to first place, especially the menyediakn Home Meeting.

3. If it's any one place home for another home meeting the other meetings, but meeting the old home must never be abandoned.

4. Do not ever talk about things that are negative to the business partner (Positive down - Negative Up)

5. Try to never absent / did not attend because of their importance to personal motivation and skill development / skill.


Read this book repeatedly & Duplicate to your network.

Book Is Not To Read Only, You Will Never Know If What You Read This You Do not.

Remember Support Support Sytem Only You In Reaching Your Dreams.

Success 100% There are the hands of you, you ready to Reaching Do you dream? Or You're Satisfied With What You Enjoy Now?

Above Everything Differentiated How Successful People Only Dream Strong & How People Must Work Hard To Achieve dream.

If you experience a failure remember: "A winner is not someone who always win in every battle, a winner is someone who can always be UP each time he failed"

Success was not only owned Randu & pak pak Andi.

Appendix 1

"BIG ADVANTAGES network marketing business is that you can still work and also build your own business on a part-time. Investments and risks are also much more SMALL and available education and support to guide you to achieve success. In addition, a network marketing system is a PYRAMID BACKWARD so that peak system is open to anyone. Unlike traditional corporate system in the form of a pyramid, which only allows one person to reach the top of the company. "(Robert T. Kiyosaki," Rich Dad's The Business School For People Who Like Helping People ")

Business network marketing or network marketing proved to have a LOT of great advantage. Even the author of famous book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Robert T. Kiyosaki, breaking down prejudices many people for this who think business is a business marketing pyramid collection system that only benefits people who are top of the business.

In his book, "Rich Dad's The Business School For People Who Like Helping People" Kiyosaki states actually a network marketing system is the inverted pyramid. That is, the main focus of this business is to bring more people in quadrant business owner to the summit or in other words the top of the system is open to anyone.

In contrast, traditional corporate system as we know, it is a company with a pyramid system. In this traditional business, the focus is to have the employee (employee) and those who work for themselves (self-employee) to work on them. And this system only allows one person to reach the top of the company. While in the network marketing system, which became one of its advantages is you who will create an asset. Namely, the owners of the business itself (business owner). Others work under you and their job then was to create the business owner with others working under them.

Therefore, Kiyosaki recommends to all its employees to consider network marketing as their part-time business, while they also work on a full-time business.

This means that a network marketing business allows everyone involved in it are in quadrant B (business owner), as well as being in quadrant E (employee). Quadrant B is often mentioned in the series Kiyosaki books earlier as the quadrant which could bring people into ultrawealthy.

To become a ultrawealthy, according to Kiyosaki, a person must first be in quadrant B (business owner) and I (investor). But usually only wealthy people alone can be in quadrant I. Because to get the best investment needed money very much. As for being in quadrant B, a person must have substantial capital, basic character and emotional intelligence are very good.

This means that if someone wants to move from quadrant to quadrant B to E, then he needs a change mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Therefore, Kiyosaki state why the design of education a network marketing company is more important than the product and compensation plan.

Based on experience and observation Kiyosaki of successful businessmen, the factor of character and emotional intelligence are key factors to their success. Once they have the character as a man of success, then success comes with its own business.

In addition, the network also educate business people who joined them to become leaders. Assessed value of leadership is what Kiyosaki is so very valuable in running a business. But besides that, you will be accompanied by a mentor who will always guide you, so you'll never feel alone in running this business.

Changing World Rules

Besides the advantages of education and character development of emotional intelligence, other advantages of this network marketing business is the investment and risk LITTLE MORE than a traditional business. Because, like Kiyosaki just have to face two-time failure and loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars before gaining success as it is now.

However, Kiyosaki reminded to SUCCEED in this network marketing business, you should join the main motivation of this business is to help yourself as REASON FIRST and help others as SECOND REASON.

Because according to Kiyosaki, most people join just for the money. And if they do not make money in the first few months or years, they become discouraged, quit and often spread the ugliness of the network marketing industry.

Kiyosaki also added ..

One theory that supports the benefits of this network marketing business is created by LAW Metcalf Robert Metcalf, the creator of Ethernet (a system in a computer network). This law reads:

Economic value of a network ² = Number of Users

In a simple parable, if in this world there is only one phone then there is no economic value on these phones. But if there are 2 telephones, according to Law Metcalf its economic value to rank 2. And if there is a third telephone, then the economic value of that network is now 9. That is, the economic value of a network rises by RUNS measure, not arithmetically. And that is the strength and value of the network business.

However, of all these advantages, the most surprising is the prediction expressed by Kiyosaki in his book "Rich Dad's The Business School For People Who Like Helping People". Kiyosaki predicts a strong possibility the United States stock market will collapse, that did not happen sooner. Year 2010 is the benchmark, because in that year the baby boomers will begin retiring in America. When that happens, chances are the stock market will begin to deflate.

Why stock markets will experience deflation? Stock market boom from 1990 to 2010 driven by boomers who spend their money during the period of peak income and put money in the stock market for retirement. In 2010, a rapid increase that is likely to stop. This means that the boomers are going to lose their dreams for a financially secure retirement. Meanwhile also, it takes about 25 years to restore the stock market.

This Fall will soon take effect snow balls in the form of bankruptcy, so more and more people are afraid to be dismissed from their jobs. At that time, more and more people are aware that the Industrial Age has PASSED and rule the world has CHANGED forever.

In the Industrial Age, the rules dalah you work hard and COMPANY, and government who will take care of you. While in the Information Age, the rule is you will get the best care of themselves. So they look for business opportunities for financial security on the network.

According to Kiyosaki, throughout history, bankruptcies follow all increase rapidly. This could be good news for some people as well as bad news for some other person. However, for the network marketing business, the world is our territory. If we have an international network marketing business, bankruptcy can be good news as well as the economic boom. Those are some reasons, why Kiyosaki see FUTURE network marketing industry increasingly bright.

Conclusion: Why a network marketing business is superior?

• System network marketing business is the inverted pyramid, whose top is open to anyone.

• Design education in network marketing business is good for building character and emotional intelligence, as well as their business expertise.

• network marketing business to educate those who joined in it became a leader.

• You are accompanied by a mentor who will always guide you, so you'll never feel alone in running this business.

• Investment and risk LITTLE MORE network marketing business than building a traditional corporate business.

• The more you help yourself and help others in the network marketing business, then you will get richer.

• The strength and value of the network business in line with legal and Metcalf MEASURE SERIES: Economic value of a network ² = Number of Users.

• Industrial Age is over and rule the world has changed. In this Information Age, for an international network marketing business, bankruptcy can be good news as well as the economic boom.

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